FARMINGTON — A Franklin County judge sentenced a Pennsylvania man to 90 days in jail Tuesday for accessing a car buyer’s deleted photo album and sending nude photos of her to himself on March 19.

Kevin Rennie, 32, of Philadelphia, pleaded guilty July 13 to a felony charge of aggravated criminal invasion of computer privacy.

Kevin Rennie

The car buyer told Farmington police Officer Jake Richards that Rennie had taken her phone to sync it to Bluetooth in a car she had bought at Tinny’s Automotive Outlet Inc. in Farmington and was gone an unusually long time, Deputy District Attorney James Andrews told Justice Robert Mullen in Franklin County Superior Court.

When the woman returned home and logged into her computer that shares files with her phone, she noticed that her previously deleted nude photos had been accessed.

Rennie admitted to Richards that he sent the photos to himself, Andrews said as he recapped the case for Mullen, who had not handled the plea in July.

The woman told the court she gets angry and distraught when she thinks of what Rennie did and how humiliated she is because of it. The fact that Rennie “had the audacity to go into my photo album, my deleted photo album” and share the photos with himself is “sickening,” she said. It has affected not only her but how others think of her, she said.

Defense attorney Peter Kaynor said Rennie does not have a criminal history and cooperated with police.

Mullen told the woman she has every right to be angry, upset and distraught.

“You are truly the victim here,” he said. “To the extent you blame yourself, you shouldn’t.”

Mullen said he wouldn’t have accepted the plea agreement if he had handled the case but gave Rennie credit for not making excuses and admitting what he did.

“You made a terrible, terrible decision, lapse in judgment. … It might be better for all if you don’t come back to Maine,” Mullen said.

He warned Rennie if he got into trouble again and with a felony conviction of this nature, 90 days will seem like a vacation.

A conviction on the charge carries a penalty of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Rennie was taken into custody and is serving his sentence at the Franklin County Detention Center.

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