I first met Steve Ball when he taught our son Evert at Erskine Academy and coached him in baseball. Every time I have met and spoken with Steve over the years, I have walked away very impressed. Steve is a veteran, former teacher at Erskine Academy, coach, and now wants to be our representative in Vassalboro, Windsor, Somerville, and part of Augusta.

I know Steve will be the representative that our district needs. He knows that being in Augusta working for us is not serving as a rubber stamp for his party, but instead doing what is best for our district and the state of Maine. Steve will take the time to listen to the people of our district, return your phone calls, and consider all sides of an issue before voting.

As your former representative, I had the great opportunity to serve the people of this district, I know what it takes to do the job, and Steve Ball has what it takes. Vote for Steve Ball on Nov. 6.

Lori Fowle


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