Recently a young man came to my door; he is young compared to my 92 years. His name is Mike Lemelin of Chelsea, and he is running to represent House District 88, comprising Whitefield, Chelsea, Jefferson and parts of Nobleboro.

Many of the officeseekers say what wonderful things they plan to do, but Mike has already done many of these things in the private sector. Mike was a commercial pilot, but when his first son was born with multiple disabilities he resigned his career to take care of and rehabilitate him. To make up for the loss of income he took on two businesses. One of the businesses is his wife’s office; she is a chiropractor.

When Mike says we need to educate our kids for the economy of the future, he knows what he is talking about; he has three children.

When Mike says he supports small business, he knows the hurdles, onerous regulations and burdensome taxes that they deal with. When Mike says he supports the disabled, he has proven that — his own son with a handicap has a job.

Officeseekers who have a bright smile and great handshakes, and who say they have great ideas, are nice to meet. But when we vote for a successor to Deb Sanderson, we need someone who has a proven record of good goals and success in accomplishment.

In November I hope and ask you to join me in voting for Mike Lemelin. You can see his resume on Facebook at “Mike Lemelin for Maine House 88.”

Albert R. Boynton


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