Wow, you think you know a state.

On Thursday, released the three most popular Halloween candies by stateafter combing through 11 years of its own sales data and in Maine, Sour Patch Kids took the top spot.

That prompted even to comment, “Wait a sec. Sour Patch Kids don’t seem completely congruous with the peaceful vibe Maine gives off to outsiders. . . If you’re in Maine, let us know what’s going on up there.”

The top three Halloween candies here, based on the pounds sold leading up to Halloween:

– Sour Patch Kids


– Starburst

– M&Ms

Asked for her reaction to the rankings, Ella Raibert, the owner of Ella’s Chocolates in Lewiston, said the taste of the coating on M&M’s distracts her from the chocolate, so no thank you, and for Starburst, the flavors are good but the candies too chewy.

But for Maine’s No. 1 buy, it’s love.

“For myself, my grandkids, we all love them,” said Raibert. “I think I’m a little old for liking them, but I like the sweet and the sour.”

Sour Patch Kids were also the top choices in New York and Massachusetts.

In New Hampshire, it was Starburst, M&Ms and Snickers — maybe signs of a shared regional palate.

The National Retail Federation estimates consumers will spend $2.6 billion on Halloween candy this fall, according to, down a tick from last year’s $2.7 billion estimate.

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