One thing that really annoys me are the tiresome political ads flooding the airways today. They offer very little useful information about the candidates and are merely repetitious of talking points that are often gross exaggerations and sometimes outright lies. It appears that all or most candidates are guilty of this to varying degrees. I prefer to get my information from newspaper articles that are researched and reflect the true accomplishments (or shortcomings) of each candidate.

As bad as those ads are, one thing bothers me a whole lot more. It was recently reported that each of the candidates for governor has disclosed their tax records except Shawn Moody (“Governor candidate Caron made nearly $1 million last year; Moody’s income is under wraps,” Sept. 20). Has he something to hide?

Some might say that his taxes are none of the voter’s business. I disagree. Since candidate Moody speaks so freely about tax fairness in his ads, it is only fair that he tell the voters if he has been paying his fair share of taxes on his income. If it turns out that Moody is not paying his fair share, then he is the causing the working people he claims to champion to pay higher taxes.

I did look over what each of the other gubernatorial candidates earned and what they paid in taxes. Income earned and taxes paid appeared to be reasonably balanced. Unless Shawn Moody has something to hide, I expect him to prove to us voters by providing the same information.

Peter P. Sirois


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