What is it with these Republicans with their big signs. What? Mine is bigger than yours? So your signs are bigger — how about your ideas?

Do you vote for your constituents or vote with the “big guys,” the money guys, the tax cut guys? Do you support bipartisanship and Medicaid expansion? Do you vote for a fair living wage for workers?

Kathy Wilder, running for House District 111 in Madison, Norridgewock and Solon, is a staunch proponant of the living wage and decent, affordable health care. She is an effective advocate of bipartisanship and a vital supporter of alternative energy. Many, many jobs come with solar power, so why did our current representative, Brad Farrin, vote against it.

Wilder is strong on job opportunities and the environment and would be a fresh wind sweeping away the tired, old Phil Curtises and Brad Farrins of the (now) backward-looking Republican Party.

Marla Bottesch


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