We recently had the pleasure of meeting Laura Fortman, who is running for Senate District 13. We were immediately impressed with her genuine warmth and sincerity; there is nothing false about Laura. She comes across as a woman who is deeply concerned about the welfare of those of us who live and work in Maine. She has a delightful sense of humor and and a very honest, direct willingness to discuss the issues that are important to her.

Laura spoke honestly about her life growing up in a working family, a sexual assault, the breakup of her marriage — subjects that are obviously very painful to discuss. She faced her audience with courage and a palpable desire to try to correct some of the problems that she personally has encountered. She spoke about the tragedy of lives who, because of their economic status, only spiral deeper and deeper into despair.

She has faced the terrible truth of her own experience with sexual assault by working directly with the Maine Women’s Lobby, the Maine Women’s Policy Center as well as the U.S. Department of Labor. Laura was also director of the Frances Perkins Center in Newcastle, as well as helping to build coalitions and craft programs to make sound changes for the citizens of Maine. She was endorsed by former President Barack Obama, and she is a determined Clean Elections candidate.

Laura Fortman is an example of what politicians should be. She definitely has our votes.

Bruce and Julie Babb


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