On Nov. 6, voters will have the opportunity to ban the single-use carry-out plastic grocery bags in big-box stores in Waterville. I am aware that some people cringe at what they perceive to be governmental overreaching or unnecessary government interference. And yes, there might be some cringeworthy things the government does. But this is not one of them.

We all live on the same earth, and we must do what we can to cherish it. There is much we cannot do. Mother Nature has more power than human beings. However, there are some things we can do, and that is to protect our beautiful oceans and their precious inhabitants.

One way we can do this is to at least reduce, if only one bag at a time, the scourge of plastic bags. Of course, they are convenient. Of course, they are lightweight. Of course, they have been a part of our household routines for many years.

But in the face of the enormous threat they pose to our environment and natural resources, we might have to change our ways. People sacrifice their lives to keep us safe. Giving up plastic bags might be easier to do.

Anna Freeman

West Athens

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