Party affiliation:




Social media accounts:;



Self-employed, Thornridge Farms Nursery, LLC. Grower of shade, ornamental and Christmas trees.


B.A., history and political science, Ursinus College, 1992

Community Organizations:

Mid Maine Chamber of Commerce; Maine Landscape and Nursery Association; former member, National Association of Charter Boat Operators


Personal information (hobbies, etc.):

Attending hockey games for sons Mark and Jason; kayaking the Messolonskee Stream; commercial fishing and lobster diving; quiet nights at home with Partner Leanne and the kids.

Family status:

Relationship with partner Leanne, four Children: Cassidy (17), Mark (15), Jason (10) and Trenton (7).

Years in the Legislature:



Committee assignments (if elected):

In order of preference: Taxation; Appropriations and Financial Affairs; State and Local Government; Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; and Insurance and Financial Services.


1) What legislation do you support, if any, to address the state’s opiate crisis?

There is no one magic legislative solution to the opiate crisis. Prevention through patients and physicians seeking alternatives to manage pain is key. Most addiction begins with a legal prescription.

2) What legislation do you support, if any, to address failures in the state’s child abuse prevention system?


Supporting caseworkers in the difficult job they perform is important. Future legislation should be bi-partisan and guided by recent government agency reports with a focus on children’s interests.

3) Should schools continue to push forward with proficiency-based diplomas? Why or why not?

As a result of recent legislation this is now an issue for local districts. As the parent of a special needs child, I would hope school districts would take a broader view of students’ unique abilities.

4) Are you in favor of some type of universal health care for Maine residents? Why, or why not?

Due to cost, universal health care is an issue that must first be addressed at the federal level. Pending the development of a rational and appropriately funded federal program, I am open to the idea.

5) Do you support Question 1 (the 3.8% tax to fund the home care program)? Why, or why not?


No. My handicapped child receives HHC. Currently, we have to wait months in some cases to find personnel to fill the service. There are not enough qualified personnel to meet Question 1’s mandate.

6) Are you frustrated by the political sniping, exaggeration and even lies between the parties and their supporters that have threatened progress usually reached through respect and reasoned compromise? If so, what will you personally do to make the situation better?

Yes. As part of my campaign I created a petition aimed at solving Waterville’s unique tax problem. The petition has received over 1,100 signatures and counting. Address issues that have broad support.

7) Tell voters something about yourself that they don’t already know, and might surprise them.

We are still collecting signatures for the petition drive and will present the petition to the newly seated Waterville City Council after the November election. Sign online!

Speed Round

Should voters be required to show ID at the polls?


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