In our school and others we are campaigning to instill the concepts of kindness, respect and responsibility in our students. How are we ever going to succeed when all they see in the behavior of so many adults, educated or not, at home and in the media, that is the exact opposite of these concepts.

What has gone on over the possible confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a classical example of this hypocrisy at its worst. The man has been vilified over an accusation of something that may or may not have happened long ago in his youth. The accuser is believed because she is a woman. He is disbelieved because he is a man. There has been no due process.

A man with a stellar record stands to be ruined because a group fears he might disagree with their views and they have no moral conscience when it comes to employing whatever means they can to destroy him in order to serve their own interests. Where is the kindness, respect, responsibility or justice in that?

We teach children more by action and example than words. They see right through words that don’t coincide with actions and example.

So for those who have been spewing forth unwarranted venom toward this person who only seeks to serve his country on a higher level, how will you explain your behavior to your children and then try to teach them to be kind, respectful, responsible and just? Remember they are watching and listening.

Elaine Graf


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