My thoughts on the judicial hearings for Brett Kavanaugh:

The frat boy isn’t entitled to a Supreme Court appointment.

The thread from high school through college and into politics weaves a fairly accurate picture of entitlement to power, privilege and position.

I suspect Kavanaugh believes in this legacy, and whatever lies or mistruths he fabricates, whatever youthful indiscretions, abusive actions he has perpetrated. are justified in his mind. His “hard work,” elitist background make it so for him.

I suspect Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, as Justice Thurgood Marshall before her, might find this all too sad and familiar. This has the tangential stink of the elite white male’s privilege. A mirror held up this week in the judicial hearings might’ve spoken to this most eloquently when reflecting back with the all-male white Republicans on one side, and the diversity of the other side.

The best and the brightest of us? I don’t think so.

Tom Liscord


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