This is an appeal to the men of Maine. The sons and fathers. The husbands, partners, brothers and cousins of women who are in your life. Brett Kavanaugh does not deserve your support. He is a man of privilege who has treated women poorly. It is not “he said, she said.” When will we stop seeing this as OK behavior of the “guys”?

Imagine the women in your life having done to them what you know can happen. And then place the offending individual in an exalted position, such as being on the Supreme Court. And can you really tell me after his strident, angry outbursts that he is judicial material? Did he show the savvy of one who should balance all the interests of Americans as he makes a decision? Do you think he can be impartial against any issue that comes from the “other side” of his beliefs?

Men of Maine, speak up and support the women in your lives. Tell them Kavanaugh is not the man nor the judge you want to sit on the Supreme Court.

Jacqueline Fournier

Mount Vernon

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