I am a former state legislator that is helping a few candidates run for office this season. I am particularly impressed by Steve Ball. In meetings, parades, and while driving door to door, I see in him as a person with energy, a sense of purpose, and unbridled enthusiasm. He truly enjoyed all those hot summer afternoons knocking on residents’ doors and striking up conversations with naturally reticent Mainers.

And he can bring a lot to those conversations with his life experience: 27 years in the military, several years as an Erskine High School teacher and coach, three years on the Windsor Budget Committee, several years chairing the board for our local network of community health centers.

Public service runs through his veins and, in his retirement, he hopes to continue such service as the state representative for Somerville, Vassalboro, Windsor, and part of Augusta. I can’t wait to vote for him on Nov. 6.

Lisa Miller


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