I’m writing to express my support for Erin Herbig for state senator in District 11. Let’s start with her record as a state representative in support of job-training programs, student-debt relief, health-care access, opioid treatment, and other initiatives to solve problems facing real people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Erin at a get-together hosted by a dear friend a few months ago. I got to hear her talk informally about many subjects. From the conversations I had at the event, I can tell that she is the type of person who can work with members of the Legislature and with constituents from all sorts of ideological backgrounds.

She came across as a warm-hearted, intelligent and energetic person who is exactly what she says she is. She loves her native Waldo County and is sincerely dedicated to enabling all Mainers to thrive in the global economy.

Gary Stimeling


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