The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was not only a huge miscarriage of justice in that the investigation of allegations against him were hasty and incomplete, but also for reasons that are almost more serious than that (“Collins says she will vote to confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court,” Oct. 5).

The focus of the post-Ford hearing discussions have been whether he is guilty or not. But the hearing was not a trial and, though I believe Kavanaugh is guilty of the sexual assault he is accused of, his guilt is not the point of this letter. My point is that he showed in several ways during the confirmation process that he is unfit for this office.

Kavanaugh lied under oath, which by itself should have disqualified him. People who knew him well in his school and college years, including his college roommate, have come forward to contradict the statements he made about his drinking, his social behaviour, and the meaning of certain terms (e.g., “devil’s triangle”) in his calendars and yearbooks.

Kavanaugh verbally abused Sen. Amy Klobuchar in public during the Ford hearing. His behaviour during that entire hearing is best described as a temper tantrum; either he genuinely lost control or he pretended to as a way of making the questions go away. Neither option is acceptable in one holding a position of such responsibility as Supreme Court justice.

Early in the process Kavanaugh stated correctly that he should not engage in political discussion; but during the Ford hearing he blatantly politicized the process, accusing Democrats of being out to get him.

My question is, if the Supreme Court process can become such a farce, where do we go from here?

Elizabeth Koopman


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