I want to thank Sen. Susan Collins for her courageous actions over the past weeks in her decision to confirm the newly appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The decision-making process was filled with conflicting opinions, and she conducted herself in a very bipartisan manner. She looked at the situation and cast her vote based on the facts, not on public opinion of the case.

Few stood out in their justification for their vote as Collins did. Her speech to her colleagues on the Senate explained her reasoning, which showed listeners that she did not have an agenda to follow but that of due process and justice. She believes Dr. Christine Ford’s account of assault was genuine to a point, but does not believe that Kavanaugh was in any way guilty of this crime based on the lack of evidence.

Kavanaugh has been a man of the highest caliber in his time of service, and I believe he will continue to do a stellar job as a Supreme Court justice. We have people such as Collins to thank for his confirmation. I know that her bravery will not be forgotten, and that the people of Maine, including myself, are proud to call her our senator.

John Picchiotti


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