While I have opinions regarding all of our political leaders, I have never thought in terms of pride in them until Oct. 5, when Sen. Susan Collins made her impassioned speech (“Collins says she will vote to confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court,” Oct. 5). I am extremely proud of her. In her 44-minute speech she addressed every issue of the Kavanaugh confirmation process. She totally dismantled through logic and reason all objections to his confirmation.

She discussed his judicial approach and demonstrated that it was mainstream and respected by all his peers. In fact, his accomplishments as a judge are of the highest order and some of his written decisions have been integrated in Supreme Court decisions. She properly cited his position on Roe v. Wade and showed how that shibboleth of the left has no merit. She showed that the criminal allegations against him were false and could not stand up to close scrutiny. She also criticized the corruption of the process that took place and reminded everyone that we have strayed far from a just, fair procedure and that this can have grave negative impact on the country if it continues.

Collins gave a speech not equaled in its solid construction and logical reasoning in a very long time, especially in the Senate. It should go down in history as a model of bravery and reason.

Larry Mitchell


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