On Sept. 24 the front page featured a lovely story about a boy who is allergic to cats and dogs and has goats instead (“Unique pets for boy with allergies”).

In the story it was mentioned that his goats wear collars. I, too, have goats, and they used to wear collars until we nearly lost Lilli because of hers.

One night, just as I was leaving the barn, she started making a horrible cry. I ran to their pen to discover that her brother Devlin had caught his horn in her collar, and in his efforts to get loose had twisted the collar around his horn and was strangling her with it.

I had a difficult time getting the collar off her, but I finally did, and she is just fine. But if I had left the barn a couple minutes earlier, we would have lost her.

Collars are not a problem if all your goats are all dehorned, but if that is not the case please be aware of the danger collars can present.

Holly Rahmlow


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