I am writing to urge readers to support universal home care and vote yes on Question 1 this November.

I experience severe numbness in my hands due to ulnar nerve compressions in my elbows. I am unable to do tasks that seem simple to others: cutting vegetables, cooking, washing dishes, taking care of animals, etc. I have had surgeries to work on fixing this and have more surgeries scheduled, but I still struggle with many daily tasks.

I would be lost without the supports I have in place. I have a roommate who does much of the work around the house that I am unable to do in exchange for rent. He cleans, cooks and drives. Without this help, I would be in big trouble.

I support Question 1, universal home care, because I know there are many people experiencing the same issues as me who don’t have a support system like I do. I know how difficult it can be to get the care that you need.

Without my roommate, it would be very difficult for me to live independently in my own home. We need a better system in this state, one that gives Mainers the chance to stay in their own homes, so we can keep our independence. I know that I am not alone in this struggle, and I ask that all of you vote yes on 1 Nov. 6.

Anna Baird


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