It was my great pleasure to meet Chloe Maxmin when she came to my door. Immediately, I was struck by Chloe’s warmth and her unhurried presence. Here was someone who was accessible and possessed of the all-too-rare ability to listen.

Chloe asked me about what issues were important to me, and the engaging conversation we had led to further exchanges between us over the following weeks. A handwritten letter from her made it clear that she’d been affected by our conversation, and the account of my family’s tragic loss from gun violence.

As our representative in the Legislature for House District 88, Chloe will put her energy toward ensuring that our local economy remains strong. She believes everyone deserves access to affordable health care and a high-quality education from schools that are well funded.

I’ll be voting for Chloe on Nov. 6, and I hope you will too.

Jonathan Carlson


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