I’m a resident of House District 87, an old white guy with two children, middle class and a conservative. A classic American Republican.

Maine has drifted in a disturbing political direction. Reasonable, constructive and resolution-oriented discourse has become posturing. Lowering taxes has displaced the maintenance of infrastructure, education and reasonably available health care as a political imperative. Parochial agendas are displacing sound scientifically based processes in political, economic and social contexts. Regardless of politics, I want my children to have a better world to live in than this.

We effect political change is through voting. The House District 87 choice is a Republican incumbent who consistently votes to produce what we’ve got, and Jason Putnam, a new face in Maine politics. He’s fiscally conservative, concerned with public education, and centrist in most respects. I don’t want more of the same — this Republican is voting for Jason Putnam in November.

James Crowley


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