I support Maeghan Maloney in her re-election effort to serve four more years as the Kennebec County and Somerset County district attorney.

Having served three terms as Maine’s elected attorney general, I feel well qualified to comment on her talents as a lawyer and as a prosecutor. Maeghan has brought new staff and energy to the Office of the District Attorney for our two counties. She has been insightful, thoughtful, caring and compassionate yet firm in the administration of justice. Simply stated, Maeghan is knowledgeable in the law and faithful to it.

Perhaps her greatest attribute is that she is a good listener. Whether listening to a defense lawyer or a litigant who is representing themselves, she recognizes that there are two sides to every story.

On Nov. 6 I will be voting for Maloney, and I urge the residents of Kennebec and Somerset counties to do the same.

Andrew Ketterer


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