I am having difficulty understanding how anyone with a moral compass could respect a president who does not display respectful behaviors. The president has shown disrespect to many people, including a reporter with a disability, Muslims, politicians from both parties, a judge who he referred to as a “Mexican judge,” women, and a war hero, to name a few. The president referred to Sen. Paul Rand of Kentucky as a ” poiled brat without a properly functioning brain.” He said that Frank Luntz was a low-class snob and that Karl Rove was dopey.

The president said of John McCain that he prefers people who do not get caught as prisoners of war. McCain was a man of integrity and civility who always tried to model high standards. Because he was human, he sometimes missed that high standard but when he did so, he apologized and reset and tried to do better.

What can one say about a president who displays rude, uncivilized and unprofessional behavior — a president who harbors anger, holds grudges, and who cannot apologize. It is time to stop accepting this disrespectful behavior and do the right thing and acknowledge that this behavior is unacceptable.

Dorothy D’Alessandro


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