It’s election time, with the usual kissing of babies, handshakes, promises that Santa will come early, and the other side is the “boogeyman.”

Stop and look.

Fact: Democrats, if elected, will vote the party line. Hillary and Bernie and top Democrats all agree, first in total gun registration, then confiscation. Their model, Australia. My cousin is in Melbourne; it happened fast.

Fact: One reason Republicans oppose Medicare expansion is that it includes a eligibility for able-bodied, childless, single adults as young as 25. Medicare was designed for children of poverty, the disabled, pregnant women, and the elderly, not able-bodied adults.

Fact: Democrats want “open borders” and full benefits for all who enter.

Compare our country now and two years ago — lower taxes, businesses are coming back, and unemployment the lowest in 50 years. Vote Republican.

Harold Bigelow


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