We are poised at the most critical point in U.S. history. Our basic rights as Americans are holding on by their fingertips. We have a choice — we can surrender our rights to a political party that wants big government and socialistic ideals to control our lives, or we can fight it. This “collective” wants to tell us what’s good for us because we aren’t “smart enough” to decide for ourselves. Others, i.e., Stalin, Lenin, Che, Hitler and Karl Marx, thought this as well. Look how that turned out, with millions slaughtered and countries bankrupt.

We have another choice — freedom. We have freedom to life, freedom of liberty, and freedom for the pursuit of happiness. The Republican Party believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which defines and protects these and all other freedoms. The GOP, with its first president, Abraham Lincoln, has always fought for all rights for all of us to share.

Don’t be lulled by the empty promises of “free stuff” when it means losing your freedoms. Vote Republican in November.

Diane Vernesoni


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