I was a registered Republican for years, and a 1980 Republican delegate. But the chaos created by businessmen trying to run governments, exemplified by Paul LePage and Donald Trump, is too much. We need proven political leadership in our governor. We need Janet Mills.

Some rail against “career politicians.” But if you had a ruptured appendix, would you want a career surgeon to attend you, or a successful businessman who read “The Time-Life Guide to Home Abdominal Surgery”? Career politicians have the skill set to make government work, a different skill set than needed to run a business. Businesses are run to profit the owners; government must serve all people, particularly those who need help. Compromise isn’t treason, it’s how teams work responsibly.

Janet Mills has the experience and bipartisan negotiating skills to move Maine forward. We need Janet Mills as our next governor; Shawn Moody would be LePage Lite.

Robert E. Nelson


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