We are writing to offer our strongest support for Nancy Rines to continue her leadership of Kennebec County. Nancy’s service to our county has extended for almost two decades and reflects her integrity, commitment and wisdom.

When we think of the county commissioners, first comes to mind the operations of the sheriff’s office and the county jail. The role of the commissioners encompasses far more. Nancy’s lengthy service has prepared her to innovate, monitor and lead the commission, whose decisions affect all of us on a daily basis.

Nancy’s experience and vision has allowed her to anticipate unanticipated consequences, which have prevented many fiscal and operational misadventures. It is necessary for all of us to give more than lip service to the phrase “think globally, act locally.” In all of the fervor and divisiveness surrounding the upcoming elections, we need Nancy’s steady hand and strongly encourage you to vote for Nancy in the November election.

Dr. Charles and Sally Robinson


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