After Sen. Susan Collins’s support for Brett Kavanaugh, she has lost all credibility to say that she ever supports women or survivors of sexual assault. I hope that if or when someone she loves is sexually assaulted (and let’s face it, 1 in 5 American women is a survivor of assault and only about 1 percent of the perpetrators ever see any jail time) that they are handled with more support and care and respect than she gave Dr. Christine Ford.

Sen. Collins is just an example of the reason why more people don’t come out and report their assaults or talk about what happened to them. When it comes to a he said/she said, when a woman has been assaulted, the benefit of the doubt is always given to the he and never to the she. So shame on Sen. Collins. History was watching. Women were watching. Mainers were watching. 2020 is coming, and her actions will be remembered.

Clara Brotherton


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