On Nov. 6, voters will have an opportunity to send a message to the Kennebec County commissioners that county taxes have to be lowered.

Many Kennebec County communities are reporting an uptick in tax delinquencies. What did our commissioners do this year? They raised the county property tax by 4.41 percent. This is higher than Social Security’s and MEPERS’ adjustments. This is higher than the cost of living adjustments and what most workers around us received.

Vote for change. Vote for Joe Pietroski for county commissioner.

Joe will bring new leadership and priorities, such as lowering the tax increases, instituting internal cost controls, and developing a strategic plan to respond to a loss of revenue in the Registry of Deeds.

If you live in Vienna, Mount Vernon, Fayette, Readfield, Wayne, Winthrop, Monmouth, Litchfield, West Gardiner, Gardiner, Farmingdale, Randolph or Pittston you have the opportunity to join me in voting Joe Pietroski for commissioner.

Shawn Roderick


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