Support Shenna Bellows to protect Maine’s public health. Shenna voted to restore school-based health centers and public health nurses that provide vital services. She sponsored bipartisan legislation to increase education on testing wells for arsenic, a significant issue in Kennebec County. Shenna worked to follow the will of Maine voters to fund Medicaid expansion to increase access to health care, lower overall health care costs, help rural hospitals, and prevent costly, debilitating chronic diseases.

Maine enjoyed its highest health ranking of eighth in the nation in 2010 and has fallen to 23rd. The decline can be linked to systematic dismantling of Maine’s public health system. Shenna supports proven strategies to improve the quality of life for all Mainers, make Maine a more desirable place to visit and live, and ensure a healthy, productive workforce. Vote for Shenna to protect the health of all Mainers.

Renee Page


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