We’ve knocked on thousands of doors over the past months, and we’re hearing a lot of frustration at the negativity and attacks in politics these days.

Having grown up in Maine, we understand that the reason we all serve our communities — whether it be volunteering in the local fire department, stocking shelves at the local food pantry, or serving as elected officials — is because we care about our beloved communities, and we want to give back, not because we have a “D” or” R” or “I” behind our names. We all love Maine.

We have never and will never attack our opponents. We’re running positive campaigns based on our records of service and our values. What makes our country great is our freedom of speech and the civility and respect we show one another. It’s been a privilege to serve you. We hope we’ve earned your vote — positively.

Rep. Charlotte Warren


Sen. Shenna Bellows


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