Does Jim Fossel get paid per-word count? His latest column could be summarized by simply making the claim, “Gov. LePage saved Maine’s economy by paying back the hospitals and cutting taxes.” He is often heavy on the words but very light on specifics. (“State must build on LePage’s economic success,” Oct. 28)

Was Maine’s economy truly in need of “saving”? Did LePage really “save” it by doing these two things? Is “cutting taxes” as a blanket statement always a good thing? Which programs were cut? Is the quality of life for the people benefiting from slashed programs better or worse as a result?

These are questions I don’t expect Fossel or other GOP cheerleaders to answer. It’s important to think about what cutting taxes means in other terms besides a few extra dollars in a paycheck. Perhaps Fossel could add more details and specificity to future columns.

Sam Shain


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