Two years ago, the country was struggling. It was the weakest recovery in several decades, record numbers of people were on food stamps, some industries were failing, other companies were shipping production overseas and ISIS was considered a “generational battle.” In 2010, Maine owed our hospitals $750 million, had a $1.7 billion shortfall in our government employee’s system, job opportunities were scarce and Maine was rated as one of the highest taxed and least business friendly states.

Nationally in the last two years, 4 million new jobs have been created, unemployment claims are at a 50-year low, paychecks have risen by 3.3 percent (the most in a decade), 3.9 million are off food stamps, two highly qualified Supreme Court judges have been confirmed, globally we have reassumed our role as the world leader, and ISIS has lost virtually all its territory.

In Maine over the last eight years we have reached a point where unemployment is the lowest in 49 years. We have paid our bills, we have nearly $300 million in our rainy-day fund, have a $180 million surplus, and our elderly and truly needy are being protected.

On Nov. 6 we will choose our course. Do we continue to move in the direction we are going or do we turn around and go back? Is it the individual or the collective — it cannot be both. My vote is straight Republican and full steam ahead.

Joe Grant


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