The Augusta area has a clear choice in November’s election for Congress. We should back a candidate who will be a steward of our state’s economy, who understands how to create jobs, and who is a genuinely great person.

That candidate is Marty Grohman, who is running for Congress in the 1st Congressional District. He’s a good man, he will work on behalf of us all, and you should vote for him.

I’ve spent my career in this region focused on creating good jobs and building our economy for the betterment of all. I’ve always respected those who do the same, and I’ve supported candidates for office who share that outlook.

I also have always appreciated someone who looks to fix problems. It seems so obvious, but it’s actually a rare candidate for office who can look at an issue, gather information from different perspectives, and identify a course of action that will address the problem. Marty will!

It seems simple, but anyone who is paying attention to our political process these days knows that it’s anything but easy.

Marty is that rare candidate for office who can listen to, talk to, and work with anyone. He specializes in getting everyone in the community pulling in the same direction to solve problems, which is no small feat, and he has also shown that he doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Marty started a successful manufacturing company in Biddeford during a time when almost no one was starting manufacturing businesses in America. And not only did he make it work, he created a highly specialized product. His products were sold in more than 100 countries around the world.

I know he’ll bring that same effective, can-do spirit to Washington. I’ve seen him on the campaign trail, and he’s been all over this district, talking to every voter he possibly can. I urge you to learn more about him before you cast your ballot.

Isn’t it time we had some positivity in politics? Not only did Marty, who is from western Maine, create a business and start a wonderful family, but he’s also the nicest guy you could meet.

I also appreciate how hard he’s working on the campaign trail. The guy is everywhere and he’s listening to what people have to say. I think everyone is frustrated with politics right now, but it seems to me that when they talk to Marty about their frustrations, they can tell that he’s listening and genuinely cares.

I’d note that this is a clear difference from either of his opponents. I don’t see either the incumbent or the other candidate in this race bring the same focus on jobs and representing all the people in the district that Marty already does on the campaign trail and as a representative of Biddeford in the Maine Legislature.

It’s a breath of fresh air in an increasingly heated climate.

My litmus test for candidates is whether they’ll help the community that I care so much about. Marty Grohman passes that test with flying colors, and I urge that you vote for him. I hope you all get out and vote, for it is your constitutional right.

Norm Elvin is president and a co-founder of G&E Roofing and the founder and former owner of The China Dine-ah. He is the 2018 recipient of the Peter G. Thompson Lifetime Achievement from the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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