Let us ask ourselves this question: What is our greatest win for the race for governor?

If our greatest need is to be heard, then we should vote for the candidate that we feel meets our values, whether that is a Republican, Democrat or independent.

If our greatest need is to have our values met as best as possible, we should vote for the person we think will win, in this case, Shawn Moody or Janet Mills

My need is to vote for the person who will best support my values and win the race for governor.

Please think this through. The top two candidates right now are Moody and Mills. One of them will win.

If we vote for an independent, we will basically give our vote to the person we don’t want to win and who does not come close to meeting our values.

Who will best meet your values, Moody or Mills?

With all due respect to our smart, wonderful independent candidates, I encourage people to vote either Moody or Mills. Who of those two will best represent your values?

Nancy Hathaway


(formerly of Gardiner)

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