All veterans should be thanked and appreciated for their service. I learned this after interviewing a veteran.

On Oct 2, our team of eighth-graders at Messalonskee MIddle School took a field trip to the Cole Land Transportation Museum to interview veterans. Before interviewing a veteran I did not really realize what the military was like or much about those who serve. I did not even think of what veterans did for us. I interviewed a veteran named Larry Puls, he served in the Air Force and than later became a mechanic. He never saw combat, but he helped with some risky projects, like missiles.

After I interviewed my veteran and heard many stories from my classmates about what their veterans said, and what we heard from other veterans that came to our school, I better understand and appreciate those in the military. They taught me about sacrifice for freedom. These veterans helped me see how blessed we are to be living in this country.

They taught me that what we have in our country is special. For example, in our country girls are allowed to get an education, while in other countries, boys are only allowed, and they are just lucky if they can even afford it. I learned a lot from listening to veterans.

On Nov. 8 at Messalonskee High School auditorium in Oakland, we will be having a veterans assembly to honor and thank those who have served and fought for our freedom. All veterans are welcome to come to the veterans assembly. We hope to see you there.

Miranda Mclaughlin


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