Some of the most underappreciated people in this country are our soldiers. Their duty is to serve our country and fight for our freedom. I never realized the true horror and significance of war until I met one of our soldiers. In an interview, a veteran told me that war is not a good place. He said he would never wish the horror of it upon anyone, but the feeling afterwards is one he won’t forget. The veteran now feels more free than ever because he made the sacrifice of service for our country.

On Oct. 2 our team of eighth-graders at Messalonskee Middle School visited the Cole Land Transportation Museum. I had a discussion with Marty Bell, a veteran who served in the Vietnam War after being drafted right out of high school. He said that when he came back from doing good deeds for our country, he was spit on and called names.

That is not a way to appreciate all that they have done for us. As I left the museum, I was very upset at the stories he had told me. I had not realized that he and other military members were treated with such hatred and disrespect after coming back from serving our country. We should always show respect and appreciation for our veterans.

As a way to honor our veterans, Messalonskee Middle School is hosting a veterans assembly on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 8:45 a.m. at the Messalonskee High School Performing Arts Center. We invite all those who have served our country to join us so that we can honor all your brave and dedicated service to this country.

Lucy Bradfield


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