As a gatherer of signatures for “An Act To Enact The Maine Death With Dignity Act” on Election Day at the Thorndike town hall, one of the signature sheets full of signatures was either inadvertently or purposely taken from my table. I hope the former, in which case I ask the kind citizen of Thorndike to please return the petition sheets to me at 256 Ward Hill Road in Thorndike or to the Thorndike town office as soon as possible so I can get it included with the other signed petition sheets.

We had a very good turnout at the polls and a good response from folks who wanted to sign the petition, for which we are very grateful. But this loss of the sheet of 45 signatures is a sad loss both of my time and the time of the signers.

If you have confiscated the sheet on purpose, I implore you to consider how disrespectful this is to our democratic process in the free land that we live in and cherish, and please return it. Thank you.

Kenneth Copp


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