Recycled Shakespeare Company will spread a little mischievous raillery in their performances of “The School For Scandal,” by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, set for 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17, at the Skills Ervin Center, 46 Front St. in Waterville.

In this 1777 English satire, Raymond Wing, of Waterville, stars as Sir Peter Teazle, a wealthy old bachelor who marries the ever disagreeable Lady Teazle, a young country maid, played by Bella Fernandez, of Strong. Their marriage is the talk of half the town, thanks to Lady Sneerwell (Emily Rowden Fournier, of Fairfield) and her gossiping cohorts. As Sneerwell is the puppet master of all the upper-class, Mr. Joseph Surface (N. Ryan Toothaker, of Waterville) invests in her assistance to win over Maria (Liana LaPlante, of Fairfield) despite her affections toward his bankrupt brother, Charles Surface (Murray Herard, of Waterville), who also is desired by Lady Sneerwell.

During an attempt to sway Lady Teazle to his side, Mr. Surface inadvertently enters into an affair with the lady. Meanwhile, Sir Oliver Surface (Joshua Fournier, of Fairfield) has returned from India and must go undercover to determine which of his nephews is most deserving as his heir: Charles who is bad with money but has a good heart or Mr. Surface who will invest it well but lacks virtue. Luckily Sir Peter’s butler, Rowley, (Helena Page, of Albion) has a plan that will help solve the love triangles and sway Sir Oliver’s decision, as long as she can get Sneerwell’s minion, Snake (Janet Nadeau, of Winslow), to betray his benefactress.

Other characters include: Mrs. Candor, Shana Page of Albion; Uncle Crabtree, Joe Rowden, of Fairfield; Lady Benjalina Backbite, Lynda Lemar, of Waterville; Mrs. Verjuice, Lyn Rowden, of Fairfield; drunken footmen: Tripp, Al Fernandez, of Strong; Careless, Janet Nadeau; a thieving maid, Debra Achorn, of Waterville; and the money lender, Moses, portrayed by RSC newcomer LaForest Hanscom, of Waterville.

RSC producer, Emily Rowden Fournier, directs this 16 member cast with the help of Helena Page, who served as assistant director. Maria S. Wark, of Fairfield, serves as props master and co-stage manager with Debra Achorn.

RSC plays are open to the public free of charge. Traditionally the front row, best view seats, are reserved with a $10 tax-deductible prepaid donation to offset the costs of productions.

For more information, call 207-314-8607.

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