I have an active, competitive 5-year-old who loves to win at everything — he even high-fived the priest at communion after receiving a blessing, a win for both. On a recent Saturday morning he was on the losing end of a game of Pick-up Sticks, Don’t Spill the Beans and Rummy against his sister.

After whining and fuming about his sister’s winning streak, we discussed the skills required of each game as well as the feelings of the opponent, the opportunity and responsibility to practice and improve, and the odds of winning and losing. Also, we talked about the art of being a gracious, supportive, level-headed teammate and opponent. (I also reminded him of how he beat me at three games of Rummy).

I wish our politicians had learned these virtues. Don’t be a sore loser, don’t gloat when you win, remember the “fans” you are playing for, don’t embarrass your family and friends, and don’t blame and accuse others and don’t cheat.

Kim Croswell


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