The front-page support for ranked-choice voting on Nov. 18 erred twice.

First, it described the Poliquin/Golden race as an “instant runoff” when it actually took nine days to conclude. And pegging ranked-choice voting as a “reform” process is a stretch when our historic “plurality voting” elected Margaret Chase Smith, George Mitchell, Bill Cohen, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, etc., etc., etc. Add Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman.

The referenced media piece hopes sister states will opt for ranked voting, now assertedly successful here. Sounds like an appeal to revive the once-proud adage: “As Maine goes, so goes the nation!” Best of luck! That truism has been dead in the water for decades.

Ranked-choice voting happened when races of three or more candidates resulted in plurality winners. That conclusion was expected. But suddenly, “majority” became cloaked in “reform” garb. A Samaritan of sorts!

Where’s the evidence that majority winners possess a leg up over plurality winners? Please produce a scant shred, positive pittance, opulent ounce or mythical myth.

Alliteration-wise, there ain’t any!

John Benoit


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