It’s very discouraging to see these so-called American citizens displaying their ignorance by kneeling while the national anthem is being played.

There is a reason for our flag and the national anthem. Just listen to the words to understand its true meaning and share the freedom we have today.

If it wasn’t for our men and women in the military and all our first responders, where would we be today? We’ve all heard the saying “All gave some, some gave all.” We should enjoy the freedom we share today.

This is why it makes me so mad because of the professional athletes among others making millions of dollars on American soil to take a minute and stand for the anthem and the American flag and what they stand for.

A real true blue American citizen does this. For those that do not and place the flag on the ground, wipe their feet on it, or burn it they all should be gathered up and placed on an uninhabited island. These so-called American citizens clearly show their complete ignorance.

I certainly respect all of our military personnel and first responders for they put their lives on the line every day. In April, it happened close to home with the death of Cpl. Eugene Cole.

Remember, these people are here to serve and protect so that we continue to be safe and have the freedom we have today.

Our flag is a beautiful thing and waves over us for a reason. If you are a true American, respect it, stand for it.

Eddie Cowan


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