They just do not get it. I have been the principal of two high schools. Never did a person of Northern European heritage complain about the East Grand Viking mascot, nor did anyone complain about the Black Raider in Winslow.

As a Skowhegan Indian, class of 1956, I always felt proud to be representing an intelligent, strong, brave and tenacious group of people. I fail to see how that mascot is somehow degrading to our indigenous friends who welcomed our forefathers to their land so many years ago.

What about all the animal lovers? They are not protesting the Beavers or the Black Bears. The Audubon Society seems to approve of the Eagles and the Falcons. These groups apparently recognize that a mascot indicates a recognition of some special attribute.

My suggestion to those who are being forced to deal with this issue is to let it go. If the Indians feel they are not being well represented by Skowhegan students, let us find another way to indicate our pride in our school.

George Davis


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