One of latest writers adding to the tsunami of letters and attitudes pro and con Skowhegan’s school mascot begins: “I was a Skowhegan Indian.” (“No apologies needed for Skowhegan Indians mascot,” letter, Nov. 16). No, he never was — he and other students over the years have masqueraded as the school’s adopted and fictional notion of an Indian, while the real deal Native Americans had no voice.

The word “pride” crops up on both sides of the argument — those who grew up playing team sports as “Indians” feel proud of the name and experience, while the descendants of the original people own an authentic heritage based on courage, survival and pride.

Seize the symbol, I say. A new name, a new identity: Skowhegan Pride. The mascot? A lion, of course. And since they’re a group animal and we supposedly live in a time of equal opportunity, build a pride of lions, include a lioness — roaring proudly in unison.

Park the shame of the present name in the dustbin of history.

Lucy Martin


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