DAMARISCOTTA — Musicians, storytellers, poets, music, song, homemade soups and breads and a bit of fundraising will converge at noon on New Year’s Day, Tuesday, Jan. 1, at MOBIUS, 319 Main St.

A new era for Peaceful Beginnings brings together Damariscotta Region Open Mic and a Community Sing-A-Long for a by donation fundraiser for the Inn Along the Way.

The IAW model is a unique and innovative community design in which elders live interdependently in a neighborhood-style setting of small, environmentally friendly homes. The Inn Along the Way will always welcome members of the greater community as well as serve those who seek respite.

Open mic registration begins at 11:45 a.m., festivities begin at noon with open mic performances. Community members will have the opportunity to Rise-Up-Singing during a Community-Sing-Along lead by local musician and song writer Sylvia Taveras at 2 p.m.

This celebration is organized by musicians Sylvia Tavares and John Couch. In historic peaceful beginnings style, that you could say began with CONA as a peaceful, creative way to begin the New Year, community members attending the Inn’s musical celebration and community-sing-a-long will be surrounded with an eclectic mix of music, song, stories, dance, great food, community fun, fellowship, games and laughter.

The Inn Along the Way, in partnership with Damariscotta Open Mic, is continuing a mid-coast tradition of musicians and community members gathering together to welcome the First Day of the New Year in a safe and welcoming environment for a free, multigenerational, open to all community event, which has taken place for the last five years at Savory Maine graciously hosted by Savory’s owner Grace Goldberg.

For more information, call Tavares at 766-8469 or email [email protected].

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