Friends, family members, elected officials and other Scouts gathered together to honor Rémy Pettengill of Troop 479 for earning his wings — the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

The Eagle is the highest rank that Scouting bestows in the advancement program. Eagle Scout Rémy Pettengill, his family, his Scout leaders, and other members of the community were recognized in this presentation held Nov. 10 at the China Masonic Hall, according to a news release from Ron Emery.

Brother Mark Rustin, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Mason in Maine, left, presented Rémy Pettengill with a new medallion designed especially for all Eagle Scouts in Maine. Photo courtesy of Troop 479

Assistant Scoutmaster Matt Bodine, who was asked to serve as moderator, opened the ceremony welcoming all to Rémy’s Court of Honor. The posting of the colors was done by Pack 479 Bear’s Den consisting of Cub Scouts Bryson Pettengill with the American Flag and Isaac Audette with the Troop Flag. They also led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The call to order to open the Eagle Court of Honor was by Chuck Mahaleris, Kennebec District Chairperson.

Rémy and his family chose the Order of Arrow and invited other members of Troop 479 to take part in this celebration. Nivek Boostedt as Allowat and Aiden Pettengill as Kichkinet both arrived in Order of Arrow regalia.

Allowat asked Rémy to listen to the wisdom of the winds. Michael Boostedt was the spirit of the East Wind. I represent the common law, your duty to God and to country. Trustworthy, loyal, and helpful are the qualities that a man must possess who lives by the laws of this land.

Nick Choate was the spirit of the West Wind. I represent the law of equity, your duty to country and others; friendly, courteous, and kind are the laws that breathe of conscience.  They create the atmosphere that comes from within your heart; the desire for you always to be friends to those of all ages, young and old.

Priscilla Adams was the spirit of the South Wind.  I represent civil law, your duty to others and to self.  Obedient, cheerful and thrifty are the character of civility.  A life of cheerful obedience is necessary for the development of a true citizen.

Christian Hunter was the spirit of the North Wind, the most powerful of all.  I represent the divine law, your duty to be brave, clean, and reverent.  To be brave is to be unselfish. To be clean in body and soul is to be pure.

Allowat asked the new Eagle Scout to renew the Scout Oath. Kichkinet asked Rémy to pin a miniature Eagle’s mother pin on his mother, to present a Eagle father’s pin on his father. He also asked Rémy’s father to remove and replace the Troop 479 neckerchief with the Eagle Neckerchief. Rémy gave a mentor pin to his father for help on his Eagle project and to Nivek Boostedt for his guidance.

Allowat now called on the Scoutmaster Scott Adams to give the Eagle charge to Rémy. Scott also presented him with Bronze Eagle palms and the Gold Eagle palms for 10 additional merit badges.


Sen. Matthew Pouliot, left, presented sentiments from the House and Senate to Rémy Pettengill. Photo courtesy of Troop 479

Ron Emery was asked to come forward to introduce distinguished guests. First Chuck Mahaleris, Kennebec Valley District Chairperson of the Eagle Board came forward for a special presentation from the Eagle Board. Brother Mark Rustin, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Mason in Maine, offered his congratulations and presented Rémy with a new medallion designed especially for all Eagle Scouts in Maine. Sen. Matthew Pouliot presented sentiments from the House and Senate. China Town Manager Daniel L’Heureux also presented a letter from the town for his efforts to earn the Eagle rank.

Rémy’s Eagle project resulted from volunteering with Central Lodge 45, China’s Masonice Lodge, to push disabled veterans down to their Sunday mass at the Togus VA.

Scoutmaster Scott Adams came forward to give the benediction. The Cub Scout retrieved the colors to conclude the ceremony.

He is the son of Lee and Danielle Pettengill, of South China, and is an eighth grader at China Middle School.