Area residents donated more than 1,000 Christmas trees to Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook by Sunday’s dropoff deadline, a supply that should keep the farm’s goat herd fed through next summer.

The farm posted a message on its Facebook page Sunday thanking the public for supporting its livestock.

“Thank you. You have donated over 1,000 trees to feed our goats, and we now have enough trees to keep them happy until Summer arrives,” the post said.

According to the farm, sheep will also be allowed to munch on the farm’s supply of discarded Christmas trees. Smiling Hill has 20 goats and 10 sheep.

Hillary Knight, who is in charge of the Christmas Tree Gathering project, told the Press Herald last month that sheep and goats find fir tree needles and bark both delicious and nutritious. The trees also help the animals fend off parasites.

Last year, the public donated more than 650 trees. When the animals have stripped the trees of the tasty parts, the trees are burned.

Smiling Hill Farm is a 500-acre farm located on County Road in Westbrook, which is also known as Route 22. It is a working dairy farm that produces milk in glass bottles, ice cream, yogurt and cheese.

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