It seems to me that there is a fine line between history and tradition. However, both share one thing in common — it’s called heritage.

I watched the news on Jan. 8 and listened to the comments of both sides in the debate over the Skowhegan Indians mascot, and I do sympathize with both (“200 people attend forum about ‘Indians’ mascot in Skowhegan,” Jan. 8).

I personally believe that the citizens, school administration and students of Skowhegan do not mean to demoralize, discriminate or be racist towards the word “Indian.” It’s only a word that places a label or mascot on their athletic teams, and it’s only used to preserve and keep the American Indian’s history and the tradition of the Skowhegan Indians alive today.

Keep the heritage of both to continue to go on. If Skowhegan’s Indian mascot is replaced, what happens next? Will it go to the professional arena asking to remove the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins and the Cleveland Indians?

The American Indian should be proud of their lives and the word “Indian” in Skowhegan is not being used in vain. I wish they could see through this and accept it.

Eddie Cowan


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