The issue of the Indian mascot for Skowhegan Area High School is part of the current awareness of political correctness (“200 people attend forum about ‘Indians’ mascot in Skowhegan,” Jan. 8).

It is acceptable for me to be a University of Maine Black Bear, an East Grand Viking or a Winslow Black Raider. Those titles do not offend any group.

We thought we were acknowledging the bravery of our ancestors, but we forgot that their ancestors are still very much with us and should be recognized as Americans like the rest of us.

Those charged with the responsibility of finding a new mascot have several choices to consider. One might be River Rats, given the interest in the Gorge as a local attraction. There are many more possibilities.

For those of us who attended Skowhegan High School or Skowhegan Area High School, we were proud to be Indians. For future students, let them be just as proud of whatever mascot is chosen. Pride in your school is what is important — let that pride be identified with a politically correct image.

George Davis


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