BIDDEFORD — A little over six years ago, a Biddeford landlord entered his tenant’s property and shot and killed two people. The parents of the two victims, who were boyfriend and girlfriend, filed lawsuits against the city of Biddeford, the Biddeford police and others. A trial date for the suits scheduled for Jan. 7 has been rescheduled for early March.

However, the trial could be postponed or canceled. The attorney for the city, its police department and other defendants said he has filed an intent to file for summary judgment. If that motion is approved, the case would essentially be dismissed.

In 2012, James Pak was having trouble with his tenants. The rental unit was attached to his garage at 17 Sokokis Road, where he lived with his wife, Armit, and both residences shared a driveway. Renters included Susan Johnson, her son Derrick Thompson, then 19, her son identified as B.L., and Derrick’s girlfriend, Alivia Welch, 18. According to court documents, some of the problems included the tenants’ rental agreement, parking and snow removal.

The murders on Dec. 29, 2012, occurred after police were called to investigate a dispute between Pak and Thompson, whose mother rented an apartment owned by Pak next to his Biddeford home.

The two men argued because Pak didn’t like the way Thompson was shoveling the driveway.

Officers Edward Dexter and Jacob Wolterbeek responded, but determined the dispute was civil in nature. They left without taking action after they were satisfied that none of the parties involved felt threatened.

Pak told officers he had a gun and said “if the officer didn’t do something about the parking ‘there is going to be a bloody mess’ and that ‘they would see it in the news.'”

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